Wednesday, May 1, 2019


  We had 2,450 matches played in the month of April.  That's an average of 81 matches per day played across the 40+ active locations.  

    A 190-lb. person can burn 524 calories in an hour of singles tennis.     Our players are typically on the court for 1.5 hours per match so that's 3.8 million calories burned by our players in the month of April alone.   Not too shabby.  

   We've had countless players tell us how they use the tennis matches in our program to help them lose weight. In the Admin's opinion there is no better way to enjoy yourself while trying to shed pounds.  

    Now add in cross training so the next time you meet up with someone you played you're a better version of yourself!! 

   We have a goal of reaching 30,000 matches played in 2019. It's a lofty goal as it would mean a 20% increase over 2018.  So far 4 months into the season we're at 5,560 matches.  So we have a long ways to go, LET'S GO COMMUNITY!!!

Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Going Local in 2019

     Tennis League Network is ever evolving with trying to fulfill its goal to be a great flex league option for more tennis players across the United States.   In 2019 we are capitalizing on our plans to be a more local option.

       In Washington DC where the city is broken into 3 major playing regions:  No. Virginia, Metro DC (NW, NE, SW & SE) plus Montgomery County.   Montgomery County has always been tougher for our program to break into.  We have created a partnership with Tennis Topia the regions largest tennis store to open a whole new franchise,, that will specifically service Rockville, Gaithersburg and Bethesda tennis players.

In San Francisco we now have 4 total leagues for players to get local tennis players:

In Los Angeles where players from some parts of the city would almost need their passport to go to other parts of the city:

The newest in our tremendous ideas to go more local is the flex leagues based around some of our most active tennis facilities in our largest franchises.  We are now running a long flex league where players are assumed to play the matches at that specific facility.




Washington DC:

Thursday, April 11, 2019

Veteran Discounts has been greatly improved

April 11th, 2019  -  What makes Tennis League Network the best online tennis community is we attracted a passionate community of tennis players that's all about getting out onto the tennis courts and playing this sport we all love.

After 14 years of service and 10+ years in some of our largest locations the players who keep coming back season after season and year after year make this program work.

Being a mindful business these are OUR core customers.  it's these tennis players we are always trying to improve the experience.  Over the next year the mobile Apps (IOS and Android) will go through monolithic changes and we're working with our most senior veterans to make the changes they are requesting.

We're very happy to announce these new discounts for veteran players:

If you have played 50+ or more matches in your career you'll get a new 5% off discount.
1,829 Players have qualified for this discount.

If you have played 100+ or more matches in your career you'll now get 12% off (Use to be 10%).
671 Players qualify for this discount.
24 Women have qualified for this discount.

If you have played 200+ or more matches in your career you'll now get 25% off (Use to be 20%).
191 Players qualify for this discount.

If you have played 400+ or more matches in your career you'll now get 40% off (Use to be 33%).
25 Players qualify for this discount.

The current magic 25:
T. Hennessy - TennisCleveland
P. Harris - TennisDC
T. Trotter - TennisFtLauderdale
G.Rodriguez - TennisLosAngeles
J. Oh - TennisLosAngeles
B. Nazy - TennisLosAngeles
T. Pukprayura - TennisLosAngeles
M. Saavedra - TennisLosAngeles
A. Krishna - TennisLosAngeles
V. Ionescu-Tiba - TennisLosAngeles
S. Chocron - TennisLosAngeles
V. Kowalewski - TennisLosAngeles
K. Tomita - TennisLosAngeles
A. McCormac - TennisLosAngeles
A. De Castro - TennisLosAngeles
D. Smolkin - TennisLosAngeles
M. Morejon - Tennis-Miami
S. Hesley - TennisMinneapolis
A. Wood Jr - TennisNewYork
J. Horan - TennisNorthEast
S. Chagnon - TennisNortheast
A. Ganeshkumar - TennisNorthEast
A. Patel RIP -  TennisOC
D. Tolbert   -  TennisPhilly
E. Castillo - TennisSF

We actually have two players that have played 1,000 or more matches.  That story is here:

Tuesday, April 9, 2019

Rule Change: We added 'Fast Tennis' / Next Gen tennis format as a playing format

Staying on the cutting edge of good tennis modifications we're now allowing players to play the Fast Tennis format as a valid league match.

1d) Fast Tennis - 4 game pro sets
This comes by many names: NextGen Format is another one of them. This format keeps even a full match to no more than 1 hour and 30 minutes. First to 4 games, 3 set format with No ad scoring. Play 7 point tie-breakers at 3-3. At deuce the next point is a golden point with the receiver having choice of side. 
Tennis League Network used this format at the 2018 National Championship and it was a raving success. The format has several tension points throughout the match in comparison to a 10 game pro set. Basically all 3 sets can be contested. Leading to a lot of important points throughout the shorter match. Of course a 4-0, 4-0 double bagel could end super quick but maybe that's a good thing.

Thursday, April 4, 2019

Rule Change: New Players to the League need to play 6 matches before they are playoff qualified

Rule 9a) New players need to play 6 matches before they are playoff eligible - Updated 4/3/19
A new player will now need to play 6 different opponents before they are playoff eligible. Even if the playoff criteria is 3 wins / 4 matches played or 2 wins / 3 matches played they will need to play at least 6 matches to be entered into their first playoff draw. This rule is only for Singles leagues and not doubles leagues. At 6 matches Tennis League Network is near 95% certain the new player will be in the right playoff level.
This will really help with crowning the right champions of a season. Over the years we've had too many new players play the bare minimum number of matches which in turn didn't give us the results to promote them to the right level. 
It will also start to get new players on board that this is a VERY active tennis community where playoffs are earned by who ever qualifies. The team has debated this rule for nearly 6 months now and it's time to implement it. 
New Players will be informed in the league emails and when they are logged in on their division page or in the App's Division page. 

Wednesday, April 3, 2019

Rolling Back Prices


Tennis League Network will soon be in it's 45th location.  We have an active and vibrant community in nearly all of the locations.  Our longest standing and largest communities have always had a max price of $34.95 where our newest and smaller communities typically pay no more than $29.95.    Well NOT any more.  The new max price any player will pay for a league will be $29.95. 

    We continue our early sign up discounts pricing policy.  Typically most leagues are anywhere 10% to 25% off full price depending how far from the start date the upcoming league is. So sign up early to pay even less.

    We have competitors out there actually trying to charge $39.95 for their inferior product.  We're just taking one more step to stay light years ahead of the competition.   Lastly this is a continue example of our 'Constant Improvement' philosophy. 

Friday, March 29, 2019

It was bound to happen! Congrats Darren!!

    Steven Chagnon, the CEO of Tennis League Network, llc, has always been the most active player in the 14+ year existence of this program.  Usually there was never a player with 300 matches played of his legacy record. 

     It was always stated that if a player ever surpassed my record of matches played they will never pay for this product ever again.

    Well that time is near!!! 

   .  His home city is Los Angeles.  I cry foul because the admin plays out of Metro Boston.  Let's just say that I typically have at least half the number of the playable outdoor days during any given year.

His name is Darren Smolkin.

    This is where we are at as of March 29th, 2019:
    Steven Chagnon has a record of 514 wins, 529 losses for 1,043 matches over 14 years.
    Darren Smolkin has a record of 635 wins, 376 losses for 1,011 matches over 5 years.  YES 5 YEARS!!!!

   It's not surprising that he owns the top 4 spots for matches played in year.  He's had years of 211, 216, 216 and 236 matches played in a year.  Of course 2018 was the record so he's actually picking up steam!!

So Darren Smolkin will now NEVER pay for this product ever again.  Including he will not have an entry fee into any future national championship.  But, we're not covering his travel expenses because we know he's got expensive tastes. :)

   Darren, you are an animal.  But remember one thing, I have at least 10 more years of playing in me. So make sure you build a good buffer after surpassing me.  Because I won't always live in Boston. 

    There's actually another player that will soon break the 1,000 matches played.
    Keiji Tomita (LA) has a record of 524 wins, 422 losses for 946 matches over a more reasonable 8 years. Once Keiji surpasses 1,000 matches played he will receive the same 'Never Paying again for this product' reward.

    After these two it might be another 2 years before another breaks 1,000:

Thursday, February 7, 2019

Wrist pain: how it happens, how to assess it and how to fix it. -Dr. Scott Glidden

Wrist pain: how it happens, how to assess it and how to fix it.
By Dr. Scott Glidden, DC

Wrist pain is incredibly common these days.  Texting, computer use, or even just grabbing stuff too much can lead to wrist pain or even hand numbness. The problem is generally not “IN” the wrist but in the forearm muscles that cross the joint—specifically those that flex the fingers.  These muscles all start near the medial (inner) part of your elbow and go into your hand and control wrist and finger flexion. If you want to “feel” them, all you have to do is put your other hand on your forearm and move your fingers around. If you go poking around and they feel firm or tender, that’s a really strong sign that they are overused.

How bad is it?
The fun thing about wrist health is that you can fairly easily get an estimate of how healthy your wrist is by yourself and with a friend you can figure out EXACTLY how dysfunctional those muscles are. All you need is a phone with a level app (like the iHandy level app) and a buddy to hold the phone while you do the assessment.

31.9 degrees from vert=59.1 to parallel
What is full function?
Full function of these muscles means that you will be able to extend your fingers 60 degrees (AND with no tension) below parallel to the floor, and scoring is a straight scale from there.  A score of 30 degrees would be 50% function. What is important here is the NUMBER primarily and the FEELING secondarily.

What should I do?
If your score is 80% or better, some stretching or foam rolling/mobilizing the forearm muscles with a lacrosse ball would be a good place to start.  If your score is less than 80% or mobilizing/stretching doesn’t seem to work, a doctor who has expert knowledge in assessing these problems.  The most likely reason you are experiencing restriction is adhesion (or scar tissue).  When these muscles are overused adhesion develops and acts like glue, limiting the range of motion and strength of whatever it is stuck to.  More overuse leads to more adhesion, which leads to more symptoms. Rest, ice, stretching, strengthening, dryneedling, cupping or voodoo will not get rid of adhesion; expert treatment does.

For more information, visit our website at

Sunday, January 27, 2019


Is The Tennis Landscape in Miami Changing for the Better?

If you build it will they come?  The Dolphins and the IMG (the owners of the Miami Open) believe they will. With the 60 million dollar transformation of the Master Series 1000 event held in Key Biscayne since 1987.
The Miami Open has long been a pioneer in tennis offering the “Winter Wimbledon” concept in the mid 1980’s and was the first tournament to unveil “hawkeye” technology on Stadium Court allowing players two replay challenges of line calls during each set.  Since then the brand itself, while thriving, struggled from a real estate stand point to keep up with Madrid, Shanghai, Rome, Cincinnati and Indian Wells stadium upgrades and expansions.
The Magic City is known for it's aggressive real estate development. as condo development is a major currency in Miami.  The new tennis facility at Hard Rock Stadium fits this ethos as questions are starting to be debated about the growth of the tennis economy and the innovation of a tennis tournament in a football stadium’s parking lot.
Here are 13 Questions curated by Backhand City.  Polling included tennis fans, industry insiders and on social media.  Here were the most popular concerns among Miami tennis fans:
What do you think will be done with the courts during the 50 weeks when there is no Miami Open going on?
What will the center court experience be like inside the stadium?
Will the luxury suites seem too far away to see a tennis match?
Could it become and high end private club for tennis players?
What will tailgaters make of the tennis facility in their parking lot?
How much would you pay to play tennis at Hard Rock Tennis Club?
How much will tickets be at the new facility?
How much will parking be?
How long will the commute be from downtown Miami?
Also, what will happen to Crandon Park Tennis Center?
Will the tired facility get a facelift by the county?
What will they do with the Stadium at Crandon Park Tennis Center?
How happy are residents of Key Biscayne now that the tournament is on the move?
Get ready South Florida the Miami Open is coming to a parking lot near you in March 20-31, 2019 just 2 months from now.
After thirty-two years, the tournament affectionately known to long time residents as the Lipton is having it’s last hurrah in Key Biscayne this March.
Brian Lutz is a Tennis Professional and Blogger in Miami, FL

Hint:  Need tickets to the 2019 Miami Open at Hard Rock Stadium? Check out the Miami Open Tennis Ticket Guide  to help your buying decisions.