Tuesday, September 25, 2007

8/26/07 - New to the area we connect players with partners.

A lot of the players who play in the various leagues are new to the city and use the league and tennis as a way to start to feel at home with their new place of residence. Here is one of the testimonials:
From Lamaar Walker 7/16/07 (2-time returning player) Tennis NorthEast,I was new to the Boston Area, and desperately needed to get some consistent tennis play in. I joined TNE and in a matter of a week, had already been matched up with 5 players and matches. Even now, I manage to get a match or two in every other or couple days (schedule permitting). The small fee is so worth the network that you join when you become a TNE member.-Lamaar 12 matches played in about 6 weeks of play

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