Tuesday, September 25, 2007

9/25/07 3+ Years of Service - Over 12,500+ Matches played

The league started out of Metro Boston where the tennis playing community took a strong response to the flexible schedule and managed league. Since then DC, Philly, Chicago and LA have all built a passionate following. The Tennis League Network team judges our success by matches played and hearing the positive stories players relay back to us. We hit our first milestone of 10,000 matches played was hit on Aug. 7th, our next goal is 50,000 matches.
Boston - 5,500+ Matches Played
DC - 3,750+ Matches Played
Philly - 1,300+ Matches Played
Chicago - 1,100+ Matches Played
LA - 900+ Matches Played
NYC - 110+ Matches Played

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