Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Upcoming tournaments...

The Grand Slam tournaments are, of course, the “Show” tournaments known the world over. Unlike other events, the slams are available to most people on one of the broadcast networks, as well as some cable stations, like USA or others. But many events —5 are listed below--will be held between now and May, until we reach the next major, The French Open, May 24-- June 6, including those listed here. The most recent top tier tournaments were the PNB Paribas, which was held in March Indian Wells, CA.

Most recently, the Sony Ericsson Open is ongoing at Crandon Park, in Key Biscayne, FL, a stone’s throw from Miami and the location of the Tennis League Network's national playoffs. You could see the Sony Ericsson event if you get Fox Sportsnet or Tennis Channel ( a tennis junkie’s dream come true). Sometimes, however, even the finals of these events get weekend airtime on either CBS or NBC. For instance, CBS will air the Sony Ericsson women’s final on Saturday, and the men’s final on Sunday.

Upcoming Tournaments

ATP [men]
Apr. 5 - 11: ATP Grand Prix Hassan II,Casablanca, Morocco

Apr. 5 - 11: ATP US Men's Claycourt Championships,Houston, Texas, USA

Apr. 12 - 18 : ATP Monte-Carlo Rolex Masters,Monte-Carlo, Monaco

Apr. 19 - 25: ATP Open Sabadell Atlantico,Barcelona, Spain

Apr. 26 - May. 2: ATP Internationaionali BNL d'Italia, Rome, Italy

WTA [women]

Apr. 5 - 11: WTA MPS Group Championships,Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida, USA

Apr. 5 - 11: WTA Andalucia Tennis Experience, Marbella, Spain

Apr. 12 - 18: WTA Tour Family Circle Cup, Charleston, South Carolina, USA

Apr. 12 - 18: WTA Barcelona Ladies Open, Barcelona, Spain

Apr. 26 - May. 2: WTA Grand Prix S.A.R La Princesse Lalla Meryem, Fes, Morocco

Apr. 26 - May. 2: WTA Tour Porsche Tennis Grand Prix, Stuttgart, Germany

Venus Williams and Roger Federer at last year's Sony Ericsson (courtesy, Alex Goldberg of Miami,FL)

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

League Review, Part 2: The Partners Program

Part 1 of our review of Tennis League Network covered our League Program. As they say, "But wait, there's more." And there really is. Here’s what you should also be aware of…
Okay, so you don’t play tennis like Roger Federer and Serena Williams. That doesn’t mean you can’t find a partner at your level of play, even if you are a beginner. C’mon. Get out there. Be glad we have the gift of tennis weather, (well, almost, depending on where you live). So get the racket, tennis balls, and tennis clothes to get ready for spring matches. But what if you don’t have people to play with? The Tennis League Network for sure can help you find players right where you live through an online tennis community. It’s a proven program. If you are familiar with our two programs, you may be wondering whether you should play in the partner’s program or the league. Some players belong to both. What’s the difference and why choose?

Like the leagues, the partners program provides dedicated tennis partners according to playing skill level and your playing location, either for matches or just to hit around. The Partner Program, however, is different from the League. Here’s how: it’s less structured and less competitive, since there are no league standings or season championships.

The Partner Program is for all level players. We do, however, encourage beginners to play in the Partner Program first before playing in a league. We do track the results and make necessary skill rating adjustments based upon the scores. Because we present your contacts based upon skill level, it gets you fun well-matched tennis partners. Players can use three semi-standard playing formats: 2 out of 3 sets, 2 sets with 10 point super tie-breaker or the 10-game pro set (First to 10, used when court time is limited).

We connect you with 19 Men and/or Women based upon your playing skill level. You meet up with the players to play either a match or just hit around. Compared to a league, the Partner Program is less structured (there are fewer guidelines on playing schedules) and less competitive (for example, there are no champions crowned and no league standings). The program just provides dedicated tennis partners who want to meet up with you on the courts.

The objective is to ensure when you enter the program that you'll be connected with active players. So players are required to play at least once every 45 days to keep their membership in the program active. The Partner Program is ongoing and remains open as long as the weather is good enough to play outdoor tennis.

For sure you can find players where you live. The league strongly suggests that players jointly try to pick a tennis court location convenient to both. We provide an extensive list of tennis courts for each area, including details such as # of courts, lighting, hitting walls, etc. We strive to keep this list fresh and up-to-date; players are encouraged to pass along any updated information.

The Partner Program is ongoing and remains open as long as the weather is good enough to play outdoor tennis.

Monday, March 22, 2010

It’s Tennis Weather. Get Out Your Racket!

Find a Tennis Partner, Play a Match or Just Hit Around. The Point isn't Match Point but to Simply Enjoy the Game.

It’s time for a quick review of the Tennis League Network programs: The League and the Partners program. This is part one of two. The League:

It’s tennis weather (well, almost, depending on where you live). So get out your racket, tennis balls, and tennis clothes to get ready for spring matches. But what if you don’t have people to play with? You may be new to town, new to the game, or just looking for matches with new people. One of the leagues in Tennis League Network could be just what you need.

Ours is an online community in 34 cities and metro areas that connect you with dedicated local tennis players of every level -- from beginners to advanced players-- who want to play singles, and play a lot, whether it’s during the day, after work, or on weekends. For our full list of communities just go to:

We make sure that both men and women are connected with tennis players of compatible skill levels. To do that, we break down the member players by geographical location, gender and skill level. At the start of each of the three 8-week seasons—spring, summer, and fall—member players receive a kickoff email with important information about the league, the link for league standings, as well as players’ contact information (phone and email). This comes along with a guarantee of 6 playing partners at your playing level. Fortunately, the list has been averaging closer to 15+ dedicated tennis partners in most cities. Membership fee is depends on the location and players think it’s well worth it. It’s a popular program. More than 15,000 people have participated in leagues over the past 6+ years.

Each league provides each member of the men’s and the women’s groups with a list of players for each season. Players can set up as many or as few matches as they want. Match results are posted on the site, and an end-of-season playoff determines a league champion. Players can use three playing formats: 2 out of 3 sets, 2 sets with 10 point super tie-breaker, or the 10- game pro set (First to 10, used when court time is limited).

The league strongly suggests that players jointly try to pick a tennis court location convenient to both. We provide an extensive list of tennis courts for each area, including details such as # of courts, lighting, hitting walls, etc. We strive to keep this list fresh and up-to-date; players are encouraged to pass along any updated information.

Our online communities are now looking for more dedicated players to be apart of the fun. Visit one of these sites to find an online community that will help you find players.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010 offers 10% product discount for League Players

Brent Abel

Improve Your Game: Hire a Virtual Tennis “Dad”

Players who follow pro tennis are probably familiar with the story of how Richard Williams used tennis instructional videos to teach Venus and Serena how to play tennis. And we all know how that turned out! Well, who needs Richard Williams when we can have our own virtual “dad” with videos from Brent Abel’s, This unique site is packed with more than a dozen free videos, and others that league participants can purchase at a 10% discount.        
Free tennis videos? A 10% discount? Right on both counts. I am pleased to tell you that Tennis League Network has created a new partnership with What does that mean to you? If as a league/partner program player you decide to “hire” Mr. Abel as your virtual “dad,” you will automatically get the 10% discount on any products you purchase. I think it’s a good deal., offers video instruction on just about every shot and every aspect of the game.
Let me tell you something about Brent Abel. He is Tennis Director and Head Professional at California Tennis Club in San Francisco, and has been teaching tennis for more than 30 years. “Over that time,” Brent says, I've developed an ‘all-court’ tennis instructional system that is based on the true fundamentals of the game. I started this "all-court" instructional website and weekly newsletter in July 2002. There are currently over 21,000 subscribers.
“My system simply gets results and my students become ‘all-court’ players who are proficient at both singles and doubles. This stuff works and you can learn it, even if you're not the most athletic guy or gal on the block, or if you don't have 5 hours a day seven days a week to devote to getting better. The heavy top-spinners grinding from the baseline are easy pickings in tournaments and eventually their arms are either going to fall off or their brains will just blow up from the boredom and frustration of being so one-dimensional. As we get older, we play more doubles than we did when we were younger. Players with extreme grips who mostly play singles from behind the baseline normally make pretty pathetic doubles players. Don't let yourself do it, get on the right track with strokes you can use forever and give yourself a game for a lifetime... tennis. I can show you how to dramatically improve any or all of your tennis strokes. “

Tennis League Network went into partnership with Brent because it lets me add another dimension to your membership in our program. You have an opportunity to improve your game and learn to do better against your league opponents! In other words, you can get a lot out of Here is more of what Brent has to say about it:

• A free weekly instructional VIDEO newsletter delivered directly to your email Inbox with a real tip or two that you can use in your game immediately. No worn out tired tennis teaching clich├ęs here, real instruction that gets results.

• Online detailed stroke and strategy lessons that feature simple to understand instruction using text, photos, audio clips, and video clips

• A line of high quality instructional products developed by Brent (DVDs, CDs, instant video downloads, etc.) that are designed to help you get the results you want in an easy to understand, plain English format and practice plan.

• Live instructional teleconferences and Webinars, where I present a certain topic where you can ask specific questions about your tennis game and get answers right then and there

• Follow up. The key to any high quality instructional program is follow up. I stay with you throughout your learning process, giving you the opportunity to ask questions via email or my toll free line.

• Quality learning aids. I endorse only a handful of what I consider to be important and useful learning products. I offer these to my subscribers at very competitive prices, with a 10% discount for Tennis League Network players. “My instructional products are 100% guaranteed or your money back. No questions, no nothing. I am supremely confident that I can help you...”

Clearly, Abel knows what he is talking about. His has a winning record as a competitive player, and impressive credentials as teaching pro (see below)

• 2009 National 60s Hard court Singles Champion

• 2009 National 60s Hard court Doubles Semis

• 2009 Pacific Coast 60s Singles Champion

• 2009 Pacific Coast 60s Doubles Finals (Rained Out)

• 2009 Marin 60s Singles Champion

• 2009 Marin 60s Doubles Champion

• 2009 World Team Matches - USA VonCramm Cup Team Member - Silver Medalists - Perth Australia

• National 35s Hard court Doubles title in 1984, and ranked #1 in the U.S. in doubles that year...

What’s the benefit to you? Abel will help you:

• Understand the simple yet essential keys to Footwork - yep, this is a game of movement, right?! You can quickly improve a decisive first step, efficient movement, proper spacing away from the incoming ball for a perfect hitting position

• Develop the necessary mental skills for practice and competition

Are you sick and tired of playing great in practice situations and then stinking up the place in either league or tournament matches?

• Reap the benefits of becoming more focused on court positioning - Finally understand exactly how superior court positioning in your singles and doubles strategies can have an enormous effect on challenging your opponents,

• Get fitter and learn simple exercises for tennis specific injury prevention, greatly reduce the risk of tennis elbow, rotator cuff, and other tennis related injuries

• Learn to become an "all-court" tennis player, how to stop being a one-dimensional predominately baseline player

* * * * *

Monday, March 15, 2010

Can't Wait to Play With Tennis Philly

Get Ready, Get Set, Go?

Not yet. I’m waiting and waiting to play with TennisPhilly, the heart and soul of warm weather tennis for me. I may be waiting, but I really can’t wait. I’ve even contacted players I know from previous seasons to find out whether they will join this year--and to hit them over the head with my racket to make sure that they do. I can hardly believe that this will be my fourth season! Each year, the league has supplied me with a pool of at least 15 compatible players in my geographic location. I know some of them from previous years; others are new.

Let me tell you about the advantages and what Tennis Philadelphia gives to me. First, I find a lot of players, which I couldn’t otherwise do. Why? It’s expensive to belong to a club, and I just don’t have the opportunity to find players. Second, we generally play at the same level. We play on public courts that are in excellent shape. Some are fewer than five minutes from home, none farther than 20 minutes. Some players have become friends outside of tennis because we have found that we like each other or have more things in common than tennis. Other than the initial fee, there is no cost—except for the new can of balls I give to the winner. And, as Steve Chagnon will tell you, I don’t win much. So I buy at least two cases of balls a season—because I play a lot and because I lose a lot. But, TennisPhilly helps me to keep on trying. I wouldn’t miss out on it. And neither should you.

Friday, March 12, 2010

The Magic of the Playoffs

From Steven Chagnon, League Director:

"The Playoffs are a different beast,"' is a statement I write to many a player in the league. When a regular season ends, the division standings show a pecking order of where the players are in reference to each other.  Players who won the minimum number of matches required to make it to the playoffs (usually 4 or 5) could have had very different stories within the same season. You might have some players who breezed through with awesome seasons and only one or two losses, whereas others had to play over 15 matches to get the needed wins.  A great aspect about our program is that a player who ends a roller-coaster season as 5 wins-12 losses can still make the playoffs.  If someone's able to connect with so many players during the regular season, an exciting playoff experience is well deserved.

When the playoffs start, the slate is just about wiped clean.  Although players with the best records start off with the highest seeds (and therefore could get a first round bye), the beauty is in the inevitable upsets. We've seen so many last seeds win the playoffs that the thinking 'the hottest player during the playoffs tends to win' is usually true.

This Winter Season has one such case; In Tennis Orange County, AJ Patel has won 5 Advanced Championships in a row. That changed this season, when Rob Ryan – who had 9 losses in a row – finally got his first big victory. It was a huge semi-final playoff win against AJ with a stunning 1-6, 7-6 (14-12), 3rd set tie-breaker 6-0 win.