Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Prateek Raturi--More Tennis, Please

Prateek Raturi is always looking for more matches. In fact he’d like to play twice as often- 4 times a week instead of just two. He’s likely to find these matches as a member of Tennis NorthEast (Boston area). He joined about a year ago, when he heard about it from a friend, and has this to say about it:

“I have had a wonderful experience and have met some very good people. At the same time, I have taken my game to the next level.” It’s a pretty good level, too—3.5. In fact, he won the finals in 2010.

Prateek started playing tennis when he was 12 years old “but it was off and on after high school…

“I love the sport as it has a lot of class. Also, it teaches you to be mentally tough along with having a good game. The game needs to be won on the court and also in the mind.”

Any memorable matches?

“My league finals in 2010 fall was very memorable as it went 3 sets. I was playing an unorthodox player who would return everything and keep the point alive. I managed to come back after losing the first set and won the finals.”

He doesn’t have any particular league rivalries, “ but I do have very competitive matches with a few players.”

Prateek, a management consultant, is married to a wife who does not play tennis, and “my daughter is only 10 months old and keeps us busy,” which could explain why she isn’t on the tennis courts.

Look out, NorthEast players. This one-year member may meet you in the finals and be the champ two years in row!

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