Wednesday, August 31, 2011

100+ Matches of Tennis for Valentin Ionescu-Tiba of TennisLosAngeles

100 matches in 12 months? You have to be kidding. Nope. No joke. 

      Valentin Ionescu-Tiba has taken full advantage of his membership in TennisLosAngeles. More of us should do this, but we may not have the time or motivation to even approach that total. 
      This passionate player, who is in the men’s competitive2 3.25 division, began his Tennis League Network (TLN) “career” in Boston back in August, 2010, and then moved to Los Angeles a month later. He has now played 109 matches since he started with TLN, with a win-loss record of 15-8 for the summer season. Valentin also plays USTA matches and is in some other leagues. That’s one heck of a lot of tennis.

       What does he like most about his Tennis Los Angeles league? For one thing, he likes the fact that it’s “exercising outdoors.” It also helps him “to focus and to improve.” Finally he likes “playing with diverse opponents with various styles of play.” 
       That takes us to the topics of memorable matches and rivalries.

       Memorable match: Valentin's 100th league match on July 13, 2011, with Dennis Cisterna in the summer 2011 season, when he “won easily after losing to Dennis in the 2010 Winter final match.” Good goin’ Valentin. 
       Another was last fall when he and Jeremy Lange were trying to complete their match “before the showers got worse.” (It’s a good thing he doesn’t live on the Eastern Seaboard, where Hurricane Irene dumped more showers on us than we can handle, and wrecked everyone’s weekend tennis plans. That’ll be a memory for sure.)
       On to the rivalries. There are several: Gustavo Alfaro, Terrill Warren, Rubio Punzalan, Victor Kowalewski), Justin Kim, Sergio Ibarra, and Dennis Cisterna.
       Overall, “The TennisLosAngeles league is excellent, Valentin says. “I am able to meet many players on my level. Playing tennis matches helped me to participate in a great activity after I moved to LA.”
       Here’s more about this highly active TLN player.
  • He is a senior project manager with a technical consulting firm. 
  • He began playing tennis “In my teenage years.”
  • He is married with no children. 
       And, he is “trying to find a way to get my wife on the court.” He wants to know: Does anyone have any suggestions?

       If he is successful in getting her out there, that could that mean even more court time? Whoa, Valentin. Take it easy and get some rest!

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