Saturday, February 1, 2014

Updating the (POTY) Point System

     The Player of the Year (POTY) program has been great to represent whose been the most active player in each program every year.

     The players currently can get points from either the League Playing Initiative (Get points just for playing) or League Growth Initiative (Get points for promoting the league).  Later this year we'll be adding a third initiative:  League Story Initiative.  We'll be creating a facebook style scroller feed where players will be hopefully motivated to submit content about their local program for everyone to read.

In 2013 we crowned these wonderful players Players of the Year:
Boston (TennisNorthEast):    Mark Stern
Chicago (ChiTownTennis):   Sarah Young
DC (TennisDC):                    Jorge Daniels
LA (Tennis LosAngeles):       Valentin Ionescu-Tiba
Philly (TennisPhilly):             Rameshkannan Arumugam
NYC (Tennis NewYork):      Arthur Wood
OC (TennisOC):                    Ajay Patel
SF (TennisSF):                      Michelle Atkins
Miami (Tennis Miami):          Eli Panell
Denver (TennisDenver):        Peter Aguilar
Phoenix (TennisPhoenix):     Michael Bronstein
Cleveland (TennisCleveland): Louis Burnoski
St. Louis (TennisStLouis):    Nick Flanchsca
Portland (TennisPortland):    Munjal Shah
Cincy (TennisCincy):            Sanjay Ray
Minny (TennisMinneapolis): Lydia Crouser
Austin (Tennis-Austin):        Andrew Rohlfs
San Jose (TennisSanJose):    Praveen Koka
Baltimore (TennisBaltimore): Jason Morstein
Orlando (Tennis-Orlando):   Wade Bailey
Pittsburgh (PittsburghTennisLeague): Martin Rubeo
Ft. Lauderdale (Tennis FtLauderdale): Thomas Trotter

We thanked all the players with Tennis Warehouse Gift Cards for their promotion and activity in the program.

In 2014 we're going to update the point system for both initiatives.

League Playing Initiative:
League Match Winner will go to 5 pts from 3 pts.
League Match Opponent will go to 3 pts from 2 pts.
Tournament Match Winner will go to 8 pts from 6 pts.
Tournament Match Opponent will go to 5 pts from 3pts.
Non-League Match Winner will stay at 2 points
Non-League Match Opponent will stay at 1 pt.

League Growth Initiative:
A League referral will now be 40 points, previously it was 30 points
A Non-League referral will be 10 to 30 points based upon how much of a commitment the referral makes.

This should increase the points and we all that know higher scores makes the game more exciting.

                              -Steve Chagnon, Tennis League Network, llc