Monday, June 16, 2014

Jeremy Lange – Ten Year Break Can’t Hold Back This Champion

        Jeremy Lange has been in the league since 2007. At the time, he just moved to LA from NYC and hadn’t picked up a racquet in ten years. He learned the game from his mother back when he was in middle school, played for the JV team in his high school years, but his passion for the sport always remained. Moving to Southern California gave him no excuse not to play anymore!

      One day, while browsing Craigslist to hunt for tennis partners, he came across a posting about the Los Angeles Tennis League. That was all it took to break the spell. He’s played in both the Westside and Downtown / Valleys divisions since then.

        Jeremy has impressively amassed 296 matches, which averages out to about once per week over seven years. He claims that these days it is possible to spot him on the tennis court at any given time, day or night. It is no surprise that over the years, Jeremy’s NTRP rating has steadily improved: from 3.0 to 3.25 to 3.5 and now 4.0. (Something tells us that 4.5 is in the cards.) In his first season with the league, his record was 10-12—which is not too shabby—but such a losing record has now become a distant memory.

        Jeremy loves that the league is full of active players. He’s completely soaked in the league’s competitive spirit and has a long list of league nemeses to prove it. Jody McVeigh, Robert Brombach, Ronnie Jen, Bob Nazy, and Alex Blatt are among his favorite opponents. The latter two are particularly intriguing—they’ve both made their games unsolvable to Jeremy way too many times! As an interesting aside, Jeremy has also played against Dr. Mancini from Melrose Place, actor Thomas Calabro. No word yet on whether Dr. Mancini has made it to Jeremy’s A-list of rivals.

        The 2011 Summer Season was especially memorable for Jeremy. (Spoiler alert: He won the championship.) His record in the regular season that year was 13-2, with the two lone losses handed to him by one player: Raman Sposato. They both made it to the playoffs as #1 and #2 seeds. True to expectations, they met each other in the finals. After a hard-fought three-setter that went deep into the night, Jeremy beat Raman 6-1,3-6, 6-4. Talk about sweet revenge!  Less than 10 days later, he married to his wife Stephanie in her home town of Baltimore, Maryland!

        In all these years that Jeremy has been with the league, he’s also won a number of prizes and referral rewards. These incentives are another aspect of the league that Jeremy enjoys. He even finished in the top 5 of the Player of The Year race one year. 

        Outside tennis, Jeremy is a music fan. He plays the harmonica and is a fan of Led Zeppelin and Beastie Boys. He also enjoys traveling and has lived in many parts of the country (including Texas, speaking of which, he's a huge Houston Rockets fan!). 

        Nowadays, Jeremy cherishes his new role as a father to a six-month-old son, whom he hopes will one day play his way to the US Open finals.

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