Friday, June 27, 2014

Ashok Kanumalla - Tennis Los Angeles Player Reaches Milestone

Ashok Kanumalla recently played his 200th match with the Tennis League Network, and he has no plan to quit anytime soon. What an impressive feat for the cricket fan from India! Not only has Ashok played two hundred matches, he has also made a lot of new friends along the way. The latter is actually what Ashok considers more important. Nothing beats simply having fun out on the court on a lazy afternoon. 

To celebrate the milestone, the league has now bestowed on Ashok the coveted title Peerless Veteran. Even sweeter, Ashok is now entitled to a 5% discount on all future program purchases on (See, these are the kind of goodies that awaits you, Readers!) If he ever makes it to 400 matches played Ashok will receive a 10% discount on all program purchases.

What makes Ashok’s achievement even more extraordinary is the fact that he barely ever played tennis before joining the league. He started virtually from zero. When Ashok first joined, he never imagined he would be playing for this long! Ashok gives a lot of credit to the league for making it possible. Without the network, it would have been difficult to find partners who are compatible in terms of playing level, motivation, and schedule. 

Ashok’s most memorable match is a fairly recent one. In Fall 2013, he lost 6-7, 7-6, 6-7 to rival Micole G. Alfaro. It was absolutely the longest match he ever played. Despite the outcome, Ashok felt an immense satisfaction to have survived an epic 3.5-hour battle. (No kidding, what a test of endurance!) This was only the 5th time ever this result was achieved in over 120,000 league matches.

There’s another match that Ashok recalls fondly: Recently, he beat Nick Posthuma 6-4, 6-4. Nick is a 4.25 player in the Elite League, whereas Ashok is a 3.5 level player in the Competitive League. Rarely does the underdog take on the favorite, so it was an enormous thrill for Ashok to experience being David to a Goliath. Most importantly, this match has given him a huge boost of confidence to tackle his next two hundred matches!

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