Friday, August 8, 2014

Exciting League News: New Rewards and National Tourney Info

       Players, do you know what the philosophy of the Tennis League Network is? If you’ve been diligently reading our player profiles, then you know that the league is, first and foremost, about playing as much tennis as possible. Consistent with this philosophy, as the league continues to grow, we try to give back to our members by adding rewards that encourage even more playing. 

       (It's true that playing is already its own reward, but a trophy or two will give you solid bragging rights, and new gears from Tennis Warehouse can only enhance your dashing good looks on the court!)

       This season, we are happy to announce an increase of some of the league rewards: The first place player in Prize Pool Level 5 (that is, when a division has 17 to 25 playoff participants) now gets a trophy, a free season, a $150 Tennis Warehouse gift card (a $50 increase), and a National Tourney entry. In addition to a free season and a gift card, the second place players in Prize Pool Levels 5 and higher now also receive a National Tourney entry. (Click here to see the complete list of league prizes.)

       Furthermore, the hurdle to entering the playoffs has been lowered for the SUMMER SEASON ONLY; players in each division now have to win only 3 matches in the regular season. But, players do need to play a minimum of 4 matches to qualify. Our goal is to make the playoff brackets larger overall and therefore increase the number of divisions in Prize Pool Levels 5 and higher. 

       So, what is this National Tourney we speak of? In late fall each year, season champions and players who during the year finished at the top of the season playoffs or played 30 or more league matches are eligible to play in a weekend national tournament. At this event, they have the opportunity to meet fellow tennis enthusiasts from all around the countrymaybe to compare tennis tips and exchange tennis gossips. Prior participants of the National Tourney are always invited to come back, so it only gets more festive each year.  

       According to Steve Chagnon, our league director, “It was always our goal from the very beginning to wrap all the cities together with an annual national tournament. A good friend of mine originally from the Miami league, Brian Beno, did some research and found that the Crandon Park Tennis Center was about perfect to run a tournament in early November. Perfect weather, beautiful facility, and a local tennis league to help fill out the line-up. Most of the Northerners get to experience why professionals practice in the area in preparation for the upcoming year. There is nothing better than Miami in November as long as the hurricanes have already passed by. This year’s Miami tournament will be our 6th annual, and it will take place from October 31 to November 2. We expect 50 to 60 players to show up for a weekend of fun, exciting tennis.” 

       For the first time ever, we will also be organizing a West Coast tournament from December 12 to December 14 this year at the Warner Tennis Center in Woodland Hills, just outside of Los Angeles. Our West Coast players now don’t have to travel cross-country to play in the National Tourney. We hope that this is only the first of many future West Coast tournaments. 

       If you’ve ever fantasized about the life of a jet-setting pro, the National Tourney is a unique opportunity to live it. It’s still mid-summer, so dust off that racquet of yours, and get yourself to qualify!

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