Thursday, March 26, 2015

What a season! Cheers to the Tennis Los Angeles community.

What a season!  Cheers to the Tennis Los Angeles community.

Some seasons just need to get recognize.  The 2015 Early Spring Season is one such season.

Elite Division:
Advanced Valley's:
Advanced Westside:
Competitive Valley's:
Competitive Westside:
Comp2 Westside:
Women's Division:

Here's some highlights from the season:
* We have 59 of 114 active players qualified for the playoffs. 52% of the players!!
* We'll be crowning 6 champions this season.
* Only 3 matches away from most ever matches played in a season:
There must be a couple of unreported matches out there.
* 25th best avg. matches played in a season:
* A record breaking 9 players played 20 or more matches this season and got a future free season for their efforts: Andy McCormac, Darren Smolkin  (44 Crazy Matches), Victor Kowalewski, Valentin Ionescu-Tiba, Marcelo Saavedra, Bob Nazy, Bob Grochau, Robert Pierce and Keiji Tomita. Nice job guys!

Here's to hoping a bunch of 8th and 9th seeds in the playoffs win the championships.  It happens more than you would think in our league. 

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