Thursday, May 21, 2015

French Open Racquet Giveaway

There is no better time to be involved with the Tennis League Network. The weather is gorgeous and only hopes to get better. The professional tennis circuit is about to reach its most exciting time with Grand Slams coming fast and furious in back to back to back months. 

And speaking of Grand Slams, the French Open is upon us! What better way to celebrate than by giving away racquets to our valued Tennis League Network players! All players that purchase a paid program, $25 or more, during the French Open, will be entered into a racquet giveaway lottery. Eight (8) racquets will be given away in the lottery. 

The good part about our lottery is that not only do you have a really good chance to win, you'll also know each winner as they'll be posted on the website when each drawing occurs. Real people winning real prizes, how could you go wrong? 

As with any lottery, the more purchases you make, the better shot you have at claiming the ultimate prize. Purchases valued between $24 and $49 will earn 1 entry into the lottery; purchases valued between $50 and $74 will earn 2 entries into the lottery; and purchases valued at $75 or greater will earn 3 entries into the lottery.

This is a national promotion across all the cities in the network! Tennis League Network, LLC will purchase the racquet and have it shipped to the customer within 1 week. Any amount above $150 for the racquet will need to be covered by the winner. If the player chooses a racquet that costs less than $100 including shipping, we'll give a $25 Gift Card on top of the racquet purchase. The earlier you sign up the more chances you will have to win! And let's be honest, everyone could use a brand new racquet for the season.

Fine Details

** The maximum cost that TLN will spend on the racquet will be $150.00 shipping included.
** Any amount over that must be covered by the player.
** Entry into the lottery does not guarantee you a prize; it just gives you a chance to win.

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