Monday, June 8, 2015

Sign Up Today for a Competitive Tennis Tournament in Your Area

Are you looking for a fun and competitive way to play quality tennis players in your area? Then you have to sign up for our Tennis League Tournaments!

Our tournaments are a fantastic way to play tennis in a competitive setting in your city. All matches are designed for your utmost convenience and enjoyment.

When you sign up, you:

- Are guaranteed to play at least 2 matches (Single elimination tourney and then consolation bracket if you lose the first match)
- Play at a time and place that is convenient for both players
- Play competition that is no more than +0.5 points of a higher rating

We kick off a tourney with at least 6 players. If we can NOT reach this criteria then we will refund your entry fee and give you the next tournament for NO COST.  Each Tournament our hope is to run multiple skill level brackets for each tournament.

Here are some great things our most recent tournament winners are saying:

Dylan Reffe

Convenient to Your Schedule

"TennisDC makes setting up the matches easy, they give you a date to have the match completed by, and your opponents email/phone number." - Dylan Reffe

A Competitive Environment 

"I think the idea of having a single elimination tournament is great, considering most of the tennis tournaments are like that, also this increases the competitive level, since nobody wants to be eliminated in the first round." -Enrique Padilla

Eric DeClerck
Plenty of New Competitors to Play 

“I liked the tournament this past May. The matches were really competitive and I got to play a couple players that hadn't been around in the flex leagues, so it was good to face some different players. I generally liked that I didn't know who I was going to be playing or what to expect when its usually just the opposite in the regular flex league, where I've played most of the people through the years." -Eric DeClerck

All Tourney Participants Have a Chance to Win Prizes 

”I also liked that there was prize money much closer in reach. Even though its not like we're playing for the money of course, it makes it fun and competitive. Its also one of the things that makes the TennisDC unique from other leagues like USTA or ACTA in our area.” -Eric DeClerck

Your Chance to Win Great Prizes

The prize pool will be based upon enrollment in each bracket. A tournament can have multiple brackets. The tournament prize structure is based around our partner Tennis Warehouse (TW).

6 to 8 players: $50 TW Gift Card for the winner*, $25 TW GC for Finalist, $25 TW GC for Consolation bracket winner
9 to 13: $100 TW GC for the winner* + Trophy, $50 TW GC for Finalist, $25 TW GC for Consolation winner
14 to 19: $150 TW GC for the winner* + Trophy, $50 TW GC for Finalist, $25 TW GC for 3rd & 4th place, $50 TW GC for Consolation winner
20+: $200 TW GC for the winner* + Trophy, $100 TW GC for Finalist, $25 TW GC for 3rd and 4th place, $50 TW GC for Consolation winner

Tournament costs in 2015 will be set at $19.95 This is a great price that allows you to play multiple matches against competitive players.

Sign Up Today!! 

We frequently hold tournaments year-round, so please check our schedule of events to see when our next tournament is. Don't miss it.     Tennis League Network, llc

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