Friday, March 10, 2017

Artie Wood: TennisNewYork has so many Options for you to enjoy.

My name is Artie Wood and I've been a player in for approximately 5 years.  Since the beginning of my involvement I've had the time of my life. It was so difficult for me to find a match in my local park. Being in Tennis NYC gives me the ability to play people in different boroughs, play people with different styles. Some of my closest friends I met by competing with them.  

There are so many options of play for you to utilize. If you are just looking to play, you can utilize the partner program. If you are looking for even more competition the ladder program is good as well. There is a ladder tourney in the Fall. Anyone who has played 7 different opponents is eligible to participate. There are monthly tourneys to participate in. My favorite option is league because there are so many divisions and I can challenge myself by playing younger, higher level competition. When you participate in the league you can qualify for a playoff each season by winning usually 3-4 matches. The only way to get better is to play people that allow to evaluate your game against theirs.

The last option which I hope will flourish this year is the doubles. Doubles helps me to sharpen my net skills and touch for my singles game. Many of my tennis friends participate in outdoor meetups in which we play round robin 10 game prosets. One of the best things about these meetups is you can catch up with tennis friends on a regular basis and keep rivalries going.

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