Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Super Excited for the 9th Annual National Tournament

The 9th Annual Tennis League Network National Championship starts in only 10 days. 

Currently we’re at 70 enrolled, a new record.  Also planning on running an extra Elite division this year so we’ll have an Elite+, Elite-, Advanced, Advanced-, Competitive and Competitive- Division plus 2 ladies divisions. Super excited to run so many levels should make for really competitive matches all weekend long.

We have players coming flying in from Austin, Baltimore, Boston, Chicago, Cleveland, DC, Los Angeles, Milwaukee, Minnesota, New York City, Orange County, Orlando, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Portland, San Francisco, Tampa and Virginia Beach.

  • We have a record 5 past champions attending: Anna Colm, Debbie Massaro, Hans Felten, Nick Flanscha & Yamil Flores.
  • The Women’s Division is back yet again!!!!!  We have 12 well skilled players attending from all over.
  • Amanda Lean will be playing with the 3.75 level Men. Watch out boys, she’s quite good and has had an outstanding year of play.
  • Nikita Kudla brother of pro tour player Denis Kudla will be in attendance yet again.
  • Hans Felten is flying in from Portland, OR. He’s the only player to play in both the LA and Miami Tournaments. We have a record 7 West Coasters attending.
  • We have 19 Miami and Ft. Lauderdale players participating this year.
  • There’s rumors we might have a massage therapist available for Saturday.
  • The tournament director Steve Chagnon will again try to squeeze in matches during the tournament.  
  • The combined W/L record of the player’s currently set up for the Elite+ Division is 422 wins and 230 loses.  65% Match win percentage.
  • Loftiest record goes to Ali Almousawi out of TennisPhilly.com who is an amazing 32-7. We do have a bunch of great records for players with less than 20 matches played though.
  • Divisions are going to be between 8 to 9 players a piece. With 6 players moving on to Championship Sunday it will definitely mean the Friday/Saturday play-in matches have greater meaning this year. Especially with 2 byes per Championship bracket.

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