Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Ron Novak - 10 year veteran playing out of TennisCleveland.com

We caught up with Ron Novak out of TennisCleveland.com | Metro Cleveland Tennis League. He's an amazing 10 years into participating in the program.  That's simply amazing!!!!   He's joined us in Miami for a previous national championship and we hear he might be coming again this.  

Which league are you a member of?

How long have you participated in your league?
10th Year

How did you first learn about it?
A friend

How often do you play?
3-5 times per week

What do you like most about the league?
Great competitors and overall nice people.  Everyone is competitive, and most are respectful.

Tell us about your most memorable match(es)
Most memorable are the close 2 and 3 set matches where you know both competitors left it all on the court.  Both battling to the very last point.  Disappointing when you lose.  Great feeling when you win.  And, matches where you come back from being several games down, had to win a few match points to stay in the match.  Knowing that you didn't give up and your competitor, while disappointed they lost, respects you for not giving up.  Losing those are memorable as well...giving you the opportunity to figure out how you can/should close out a match...so the next time you do.   

Who are your favorite rivals in the league? Why? 
The guys that are hard to beat.  Mentally prepare for those matches and realize that you have to play mistake free tennis from the first point.

Do you have any other interesting comments about your experiences with the league? 
Recommend to anyone looking for...outdoor tennis, 3 set tennis vs. USTA, great competition, and FUN. 

How did you get started playing tennis? 
Started to increase my level of exercise.  

What level player are you? (NTRP rating)

What do you love about tennis? 
Has turned into a passion...love the game, play in numerous leagues and tournaments, love the competition, lots of great exercise and many new friends. 

Who are your favorite pro players? Why? 
Favorites...like watching the big names play each other.  Watch their style, what they do during points, fight 'til the end.  I find that I play better when I am watching/learning from visually seeing how to improve.

Tell us a little bit about yourself, for example: What do you do? Where did you grow up? What are your hobbies (besides tennis)? (Feel free to share any interesting details about your life.) 
Born and raised in Houston.  Lifelong Astros fan.  Graduated with a Marketing degree from Texas A&M.  Love college football.  Worked for Sherwin-Williams for 27 years.  Traveling and spending time with my family.