Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Going Local in 2019

     Tennis League Network is ever evolving with trying to fulfill its goal to be a great flex league option for more tennis players across the United States.   In 2019 we are capitalizing on our plans to be a more local option.

       In Washington DC where the city is broken into 3 major playing regions:  No. Virginia, Metro DC (NW, NE, SW & SE) plus Montgomery County.   Montgomery County has always been tougher for our program to break into.  We have created a partnership with Tennis Topia the regions largest tennis store to open a whole new franchise, TennisMoCo.com, that will specifically service Rockville, Gaithersburg and Bethesda tennis players.

In San Francisco we now have 4 total leagues for players to get local tennis players:

In Los Angeles where players from some parts of the city would almost need their passport to go to other parts of the city:

The newest in our tremendous ideas to go more local is the flex leagues based around some of our most active tennis facilities in our largest franchises.  We are now running a long flex league where players are assumed to play the matches at that specific facility.




Washington DC:

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