Wednesday, April 3, 2019

Rolling Back Prices


Tennis League Network will soon be in it's 45th location.  We have an active and vibrant community in nearly all of the locations.  Our longest standing and largest communities have always had a max price of $34.95 where our newest and smaller communities typically pay no more than $29.95.    Well NOT any more.  The new max price any player will pay for a league will be $29.95. 

    We continue our early sign up discounts pricing policy.  Typically most leagues are anywhere 10% to 25% off full price depending how far from the start date the upcoming league is. So sign up early to pay even less.

    We have competitors out there actually trying to charge $39.95 for their inferior product.  We're just taking one more step to stay light years ahead of the competition.   Lastly this is a continue example of our 'Constant Improvement' philosophy. 

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