Wednesday, May 1, 2019


  We had 2,450 matches played in the month of April.  That's an average of 81 matches per day played across the 40+ active locations.  

    A 190-lb. person can burn 524 calories in an hour of singles tennis.     Our players are typically on the court for 1.5 hours per match so that's 3.8 million calories burned by our players in the month of April alone.   Not too shabby.  

   We've had countless players tell us how they use the tennis matches in our program to help them lose weight. In the Admin's opinion there is no better way to enjoy yourself while trying to shed pounds.  

    Now add in cross training so the next time you meet up with someone you played you're a better version of yourself!! 

   We have a goal of reaching 30,000 matches played in 2019. It's a lofty goal as it would mean a 20% increase over 2018.  So far 4 months into the season we're at 5,560 matches.  So we have a long ways to go, LET'S GO COMMUNITY!!!